Just days before another North Korean missile talk to the US


Just days before another North Korean missile talk to the US

Just days before another North Korean missile talk to the US | North Korea experienced another missile from the sea just days before nuclear talks resumed with the United States this weekend.
According to a foreign news agency AP report, the South Korean military says the missiles were fired from the sea, which was North Korea’s first experience in 3 years.
The North Korean missile was fired from an undisclosed location of the sea, which measured a distance of 450 km to 910 km, and went into the southeast coast, according to a statement issued by the Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. Fall. South Korean and US intelligence officials are investigating the details of the launch of the missile, the statement said.
Japan immediately protested with North Korea, saying that the missile fell inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. If confirmed, it will be the first North Korea missile to hit Japan so close to November 2017.

The US State Department says it calls for dialogue, avoiding provocation from North Korea, tackling UN Security Council objections and playing its role for peace and stability so that nuclear weapons can be eliminated. ? Achieve the goal. According to the South Korean president’s office, South Korean military officials have not yet reported whether the missiles were fired from submarines or anything else, but members of the emergency meeting with the National Security Council submarines reportedly Missiles were fired. This move has raised my concern about North Korea. “Be aware that submarine missiles are difficult to detect.
Some experts say North Korea wants to pressure the United States ahead of Saturday’s scheduled nuclear talks.

It is noteworthy that yesterday, North Korea’s First Deputy Foreign Minister, Foreign Minister Chou Chou Huan Hui had said that the two countries would have initial contacts on October 4 and there would be talks on October 5. ”I hope this dialogue will lead to positive developments in relations between the United States and North Korea he said.
It should be noted that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s summit ended in February this year in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, on the insistence of the North Korean president to end all US sanctions.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un first met US President Donald Trump June 12 last year at a luxury hotel in Singapore.
Following this meeting, North Korea avoided displaying nuclear installations on the occasion of the 70th Independence Day.
However, the US president has faced criticism after taking some clear steps to reduce North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missiles.
In December last year, North Korea condemned recent US sanctions, warning that Washington’s actions would permanently stop Korea’s nuclear weapons.

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