After 36 Years In Prison 3 men cleared


After 36 Years In Prison 3 men cleared

After 36 Years In Prison 3 men cleared |In the US state of Maryland, there have been three people in prison for 36 years on false charges. Three men convicted of false accusations in the US state of Maryland have been released from prison after 36 years.
Alfred Crescent, Andrew Stewart, and Ransom Watkins were sentenced to life imprisonment in 1984 for the murder of a 14-year-old boy.
All three prisoners were released Monday after the trial was overturned by a judge in Baltimore on a review case. The case was reopened this year when Chessant sent a letter to the sentencing unit in Baltimore.
The letter also included the evidence he had received from the previous bills. The three men, Alfred Chestnut, Andrew Stewart, and Ransom Watkins, were arrested in November 1983 when they were teenagers. He was arrested after the murder of DeWitt, who was shot in the neck as he was walking to his class at Baltimore High School and had his jacket stolen before.

The media had wide coverage of the death of Dwight Ducket.
After the release of the three men, attorney Marlene Mozbe in Baltimore said, All three were arrested in the teens because of a police and prosecutor’s mistake. In their statement, which was issued in writing from their office, they said that investigators targeted 16-year-old white people. The case was made by teaching and pressuring other juveniles.
In the preliminary investigation, police ignored reports of various witnesses who were telling each other the killer, prosecutors said. And then witnesses in the trial failed to identify the three boys. I don’t think today is a day of victory, she says. This is a tragedy and we must accept responsibility for it.

The second suspected killer died in 2002. Documents for this case were sealed by the judge, which was obtained by Mr. Chestnut last year under public records. It should never have happened, said Mr. Watkins, who was released at the press conference. He said, “The war is not over yet. You will hear from us again. In October, the Board of Governors paid the US $ 9 million in damages for five decades in prison for decades for wrongful decisions. Walter Lomax served 38 years in prison and was given $ 3 million, the highest amount paid by the US state. In the US, there have been cases of such cases in which innocent people have to be jailed and then the government compensates them.

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