$ 20,000 reward for visiting the world’s most haunted bungalow


$ 20,000 reward for visiting the world’s most haunted bungalow

$ 20,000 reward for visiting the world’s most haunted bungalow|Mac Décor claims that anyone who pays and goes to the most dangerous ghost bungalow in the world, located in San Diego, will pay 20,000. Many ghost bungalows have been set up in different countries for the entertainment of the people, but the most dangerous of these is the ghost bungalow, ‘MacCamor Manor’. The owner of this previous bungalow says anyone who bravely visits this past bungalow, which lasts for 10 hours, will receive a reward of $ 20,000. Everyone who comes here faces physical and mental challenges, and it is so frightening that it can be a very disturbing experience for the participants here, as the candidate who participates in this challenge is 21 years old. ? ? Should end.

People coming to the bungalows in the past have to provide medical insurance as proof, after which the documents are signed. After such steps, people who go to the bungalow in the past are shown an informational video about 2 hours before the bungalow, in which the ghost bungalow knows about their visit. In addition, visitors are advised that if you expect to win $ 20,000 from this ghost bungalow, it is impossible because it is extremely dangerous to pass through. Terrible bungalows are usually terrifying with the help of terrifying sounds, but the MacCamma Manor scares everyone, even the live spiders are put on the visitors’ faces and the experience is terrifying.


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