Zero gravity kills cancer cells


Zero gravity kills cancer cells

Zero gravity kills cancer cells|Australian scientists are now planning to send cancer cells into space. The experiments that have been done while eliminating gravity on Earth have yielded astounding results. Joshua Chow, a professor of biomedical engineering research at the University of Technology in Sydney, told DW, “Many people around me have cancer, so I had intended at the same time that I had cancer. I will do research on the cells. According to Professor Joshua Zhou, he has long been examining cancer cells’ performance in zero gravity. Earlier, his research was concerned with bone loss in space. He added, “No magic drug has been developed so far that eliminates cancer because there are different types of cancer and every person has a different reaction to it.” “But what I really want to know is the secret that different people have in common with cancer cells,” he said. In this quest, I observed them in a micro-gravity device. “

Further research will be in the space

Professor Joshua Zhou’s research has yielded surprising results. Providing information about the research, he said, “We received four different types of cancerous breast, uterus, lung and nasal cells from different parts of the body. Then they were placed in a micro-gravity environment. Eighty-nine percent of cancer cells died within 24 hours. With the efforts of his team, Pfizer Joshua will now send cancer cells to the International Space Station in 2000. He used to say, “In space, we will find that these cells die in zero gravity or that something else is involved. For example, what is the role of solar radiation in this? They just have to develop a variety of technologies to do this one experiment, which is not an easy task, “the most difficult step is to keep the cells alive and then bring them back from space to Earth.” ‘Professor Daniele Grimm of the University of Magdeburg in Germany is very happy about this research. She has also done similar research on small-scale throat cancer in 2000. “This new research is excellent, it confirms our research,” he said while talking to DW. And Australian scientists have also experimented with many other types of cancer cells. Scientists are also researching which drugs can be most effective at zero gravity. Experts say more research is still needed on micro-gravity conditions.

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