Yoseob’s album solo ‘ChocolateBox”, which sold 40K copies


Yoseob’s album solo ‘ChocolateBox”, which sold 40K copies, was a massive success in the first week of sales. Title track ‘BRAIN’ has MV that is close to 10,000 million YouTube views.


Yoseob’s solo album, ‘Chocolate Box”, which sold 40K copies, was a massive success in the first week of sales. track “BRAIN” MV apprehension of 10,000 million YouTube views


Yoseob from Highlight’s debut full-length album, ‘Chocolate Box The album has sold more than 40000 copies in the first week of sales (September 23 to September 29). This is an amazing feat considering that Yoseob’s previous mini-album ‘White’ sold approximately 10,000 copies in its first week of sales.

Additionally, the music video of “BRAIN,” the title track from Yoseob’s album “ChocolateBox,” has close to 10,000 views via YouTube. It is currently averaging 9.5 million views on YouTube. Yoseob’s”Brain” was the title track “BRAIN” also ranked #1 on the charts of digital music shortly following its debut, which demonstrates Yoseob’s impressive performance as a solo artist in the world of music.

Yoseob’s album solo ‘ChocolateBox”


Yoseob’s “BRAIN challenge” is also receiving much attention across social media. Yoseob has completed the challenge along with his colleague’s Highlight group members ATEEZ and VERIVERY. STAY Oh My Girl’s Arin and OMEGA X. Through his promotions for his new album, ‘Chocolate Box”, Yoseob continues to gift his fans with unique moments. Each of the 12 tracks on Yoseob’s album gives listeners the feeling of security and emotionality, as well as his vocals and lyrics, have received positive reviews from the general public. So, many are anticipating Yoseob’s ongoing ‘Chocolate Box promotion as a solo artist.

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Highlight’s lead singer Yang Yoseob has released his debut album of full-length “Chocolate Box.”

The album is K-pop star’s third solo album after his debut solo mini-album “The First Collage” in 2020 and “White” in 2018. The album came out along with a trailer for the title track, R&B-influenced “Brain.”

“I had always set my heart on releasing a full-length album as a soloist,” the singer said about the album ‘Chocolate Box’ during an interview for The Korea Herald. “I spoke to my team, and they were very positive too. The road to the release of my debut album was not a huge headache.”

In the course of the discussion, Yang clarified the reason he called the album ‘ChocolateBox”, noting that he finds it easy to convey emotion through food. However, Yang said that he “just wanted to associate the word ‘chocolate’ with my album – no more, no less.”

Yoseob’s latest album also represented some firsts for the artist, including genres he’s never been bored of previously, along with self-written and composed tracks.