World Snooker Championship: Pakistan enter final


World Snooker Championship: Pakistan enter final

Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif reaches the final of the World Snooker Championship. In the mega event being played in Turkey, Pakistani Qoist has been performing well while Pakistan’s Mohammad Asif and Thailand’s Qwest face each other in the semi-finals, which proved to be a one-sided match between the two players. Mohammad Asif outplayed rival Quest and won by seven frames against Zero.

According to sources, Asif defeated the Thai player in the quarter-finals by six freemasons against four while the quarter-finals consisted of Best of XI.

It should be noted that earlier in the quarter-finals, Muhammad Asif put up two-century breaks and beat James Muffside of Australia by five frames against one. Mohammad Asif made it to the quarter-finals after winning two matches in a row. Mohammad Asif played a break of 108 in the third frame and 103 in the fourth frame and made it to the top eight. Mohammad Asif is three matches away from the world title, while earlier Asif had defeated Israel and Australia.

It should be remembered that three out of four Pakistanis were out of the initial rounds, but Mohammad Asif is the only hope for the title for Pakistan.

World Snooker Championship: Pakistan enter final

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