World News Cyber Weapons report surprising revelations in which country is ahead of the rest of the world, which three countries dominate the world


Israel surpasses other countries in the world in cyber weapons sales globally: Naira called cyberweapons software a similar name for online crime, including media reports, That the country has become a very important seller of various internationally used software for hacking online. , Has also decided to simplify domestic regulations regarding the sale of such technology abroad. Has been taken.
According to market forecasts, a defense research firm, the global cyber weapons market is currently expanding and Israel is dominated by US and European Union member states, and also for damaging the cyber system economically. Global demand is so high that by 2027 the market will grow by 39% and its total value will be around 8 billion. Looking closely at the weaponry industry used for cyber-attacks. According to this country, the revenue in this sector is millions of euros, but on the contrary, Israel is a cybercrime. Tea products export more than $ 7 billion in annual revenue.
Experts place these exports in the field of defense cyber technology and, more importantly, close to Israel’s global market. Revenues include: Israel is one of the five largest cyber-surveillance technology sellers in the world, according to Privacy International, a British government-based start-up in London. There are 27 companies that promote cyber technology globally, experts say, software that can carry out online attacks and spy software for computer programs for often damaged mail. Use and ensure online security. It contains all kinds of cyber technology, including anti-virus and service programs.
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