Willy Wonka’ Musical Parody Has Songwriter Riki Lindhome Questioning Life Choices


Earlier this year, a number of actors were questioning their life choices after answering an ad to work at a Willy Wonka experience in Scotland. Organizers advertised it as an “immersive experience” that would transport Willy Wonka fans to a “magical realm.” They used lush, AI-generated art to help lure patrons to the event, which turned out to be anything but magical. The experience was housed at a shabby warehouse that was so depressing it earned comparisons to a meth lab, and it ultimately made international headlines for just how bad it was.

Now, songwriter Riki Lindhome is questioning the life choices of one of the actors involved in a new track for Willy’s Candy Spectacular, an upcoming parody of that disastrous, Fyre Fest-style Willy Wonka event. In the song, Lindhome channels the experience of Kirsty Paterson, who played the sad Oompah Loompa in the real viral experience and is also involved in the musical.

“This song is for everyone who is, was, or has tried to be an actor,” said Lindhome, known for her band Garfunkel and Oates and acting work on Netflix’s Wednesday. “When I saw the look on Kirsty Paterson’s face, I just thought, ‘I’ve been there. We all have.’”

New songs for the event have been dropping weekly, leading up to a stage reading set for the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in August. John Stamos previously released a track from the musical, which hails from The Little Mermaid Live producer Richard Kraft, and his Kraft-Engel Productions. Tova Litvin, and Doug Rockwell and Daniel Mertzlufft are among the other songwriters involved.


Imagine an experience touted as a whimsical journey into the world of Willy Wonka, only to find it more akin to a scene from a dystopian novel. This is precisely what happened earlier this year in Scotland, leading to a fascinating parody musical and a reflective journey for many involved, including songwriter Riki Lindhome.

The Unfortunate Willy Wonka Experience in Scotland

Earlier this year, actors were lured into what promised to be an enchanting Willy Wonka immersive experience in Scotland. Advertisements boasted of a “magical realm” brought to life with lush, AI-generated art. However, the reality was far grimmer. Attendees found themselves in a dilapidated warehouse that starkly contrasted the advertised allure, drawing comparisons to a meth lab rather than a fantastical candy land. The fiasco quickly gained international attention, becoming a symbol of misleading marketing and failed expectations.

Riki Lindhome’s Involvement

Enter Riki Lindhome, known for her musical duo Garfunkel and Oates and her acting on Netflix’s “Wednesday.” She has taken this bizarre event as inspiration for her work on “Willy’s Candy Spectacular,” a parody musical that turns the debacle into art. Her song, inspired by the experience of actor Kirsty Paterson, who played an Oompah Loompa in the original event, is a poignant reflection on the disillusionments many actors face.

Kirsty Paterson’s Experience

Kirsty Paterson, an actor involved in the ill-fated event, became a central figure in this parody. Her role as a sad Oompah Loompa captured the tragicomic essence of the experience. Paterson’s journey, from the disappointing reality of the event to becoming a muse for a parody musical, highlights the unpredictable and often harsh path of an acting career.

The Songwriting Process

Creating songs for “Willy’s Candy Spectacular” was a collaborative effort involving several talented artists. Riki Lindhome, along with other songwriters, delved into themes of hope, disillusionment, and resilience. These songs not only satirize the failed event but also resonate with broader experiences in the acting world, making them relatable to many.

Weekly Song Releases

In a strategic move, new songs from the musical have been released weekly, building anticipation and engaging audiences gradually. This approach has allowed for sustained interest and critical discussion, creating a buzz leading up to the stage reading at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.

John Stamos and Other Contributors

The project has attracted notable contributors, including John Stamos, who released a track from the musical. The involvement of Richard Kraft, known for “The Little Mermaid Live,” along with songwriters Tova Litvin, Doug Rockwell, and Daniel Mertzlufft, has added significant star power and creative depth to the production.

Preparation for the Edinburgh Fringe Fest

The anticipation for the stage reading at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest is palpable. This event is a significant milestone for the musical, promising to showcase its unique blend of humor, satire, and poignant commentary. Expectations are high, with many eager to see how this parody will bring new life to the infamous Willy Wonka experience.


The development of “Willy’s Candy Spectacular” from a failed immersive experience to a highly anticipated musical parody is a testament to the creativity and resilience of those involved. This production not only offers humor and entertainment but also reflects on the broader experiences and challenges faced by actors.


What was the original Willy Wonka experience in Scotland? The original Willy Wonka experience in Scotland was marketed as an immersive, magical event but turned out to be a disappointing and poorly executed experience housed in a dilapidated warehouse.

Who is Riki Lindhome? Riki Lindhome is a songwriter and actor known for her work with the musical duo Garfunkel and Oates and her role in Netflix’s “Wednesday.” She is involved in the parody musical “Willy’s Candy Spectacular.”

What is Willy’s Candy Spectacular? “Willy’s Candy Spectacular” is a parody musical inspired by the disastrous Willy Wonka experience in Scotland. It features songs that reflect on the experience and broader themes related to the acting profession.

How has the public reacted to the song releases? The weekly song releases have generated significant interest and critical discussion, creating anticipation for the musical’s stage reading at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest.

What are the expectations for the Edinburgh Fringe Fest performance? The stage reading at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest is highly anticipated, with many looking forward to seeing how the parody musical will bring humor and commentary to the infamous Willy Wonka experience.