Why babies bite at tooth decay, essential information for women


Why babies bite at tooth decay, essential information for women

When young children begin to have teeth, their teeth are largely natural. When young children bite their teeth, they usually feel the cause, frustration, stress, or lack of power in their teeth.

The reactions that people react to tooth decay creates a sense of empowerment in children. One of the earliest ways your child uses the world to explore for himself is to examine things by mouth. So most things in the world will enter his mouth. Then after a while, he began to experience things in the teeth or gums. Some children bite their teeth in a social situation because they do not understand how to express their feelings.

The youngest child in the home is often a tooth-cutting human being. Where his older siblings can easily express their needs, they often get what they need, and this small toothbrush is an excellent way of communicating itself to others. Understands the weak.

If the baby and older are sitting together, the toddler will notice that the toothpick receives attention and is often the object of his choice. Your baby between 12 and 35 months of age The most struggle is to learn to express one’s feelings. While some children begin to use the toothpaste as a mechanism to relieve emotional stress. These children do not even know if they are depressed or are upset with something, so in such a situation, they may feel comfortable. Attacks on any soft and flexible arm that is nearby.