Teeth whitening prescription


Teeth whitening prescription

Teeth whitening prescription! Who doesn’t like sparkling teeth and causes the yellow face to discolor on them. Surely you would brush your teeth once or twice a day to keep them clean, but still, the natural white doesn’t come back? According to Dawn, if so, a few simple things told by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry can brighten your smile or, let’s say, make your teeth glow.

Baking soda and lemon zest paste

Can lemons make your teeth glow? The short answer is, yes. Lemons contain high amounts of citric acid, which can serve as a natural ingredient for dental cleansing. Mix a teaspoon of lemonade in the appropriate amount of baking soda and make a paste and brush with it.


If you want to whiten teeth very quickly, coal may be another effective and natural alternative, coal is formed by the interaction of oxygen and calcium chloride, and it helps in the effective cleaning of teeth. Rub the toothbrush in this vein and then brush the teeth regularly to clean the stains.

Malta peel

Rubbing the bottom of the mallet on the teeth is a natural way to brighten them, the white part of the peel skin is a component that acts as a cleanser and is also used in many dental products. ? And yes it is not acidic, so its use is not harmful.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar has many medical benefits, but most people do not know that it can also be used for dental whitening. Try brushing with apple vinegar on the teeth, It’s also helping to cleanse the stains and while also removing the bacteria present on the gums.

Sea salt and baking soda

Baking soda is available in every home and is also considered a natural tip for dental cleansing, but the addition of sea salt to it makes the soda germicidal, which eliminates the acid in the mouth and kills the bacteria.


If you use turmeric in foods, be aware that this ingredient rich in aromatic, antibacterial as well as antioxidants can be helpful in treating common dental problems such as gum diseases, its powdered teeth. Rag material works by removing stains on the surface and whitening them. Spoon a teaspoon of turmeric on the teeth with the help of a finger and then brush and clean it.

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