Which women have breast cancer?


Which women have breast cancer?

Which women have breast cancer? | Which women are most likely to have breast cancer? According to the World Health Organization WHO, breast cancer is one of the most common cancers found in women in the world and breast cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. According to a WHO study, breast cancer accounts for 10% of all cancers worldwide, which is diagnosed.

Talking about Pakistan, Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asian countries. According to various research, about 90,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, killing 40,000 women. Given this, we can say that one in every 9 women in the country may suffer from this disease and this is something for us to think about.
But at the same time, we also need to know what are the causes of this deadly disease. Why is this rate so high in Pakistan? Also, how to prevent this disease? Experts say that the cells found in our body are distributed as needed and contribute to the growth of the body. In scientific terms, cells are called tumors, which in turn cause cancer, if they cause any differentiation or instability. If a tumor is made in the breast cells then it causes breast cancer. Now that we all know about DNA, know that a part of it is called a gene, that these genes are specific for any purpose to prevent the smooth division of breast cells. The genes called ‘and’ are, if any of these genes are converted into a scientific language called ‘genetics’, then these genes fail to prevent the maximum distribution of breast cells. And change is a major cause of breast cancer. Also, many causes include environmental factors, in one patient it may be due to liver failure and in the patient it causes environmental factors, sometimes with both types of breast cancer. , But in addition to these factors, many factors increase the incidence of the disease and need to be mentioned.


According to doctors, the risk of breast cancer increases with age. Women under the age of 40 have a lower risk of the disease, but the chances of the disease increase with age. Research has proven this. Has happened. 2 out of every 3 women diagnosed with the disease are close to 55 years old.


The general impression about breast cancer is that it is not only true in women, it is not true, it can be in men but it is 100 times higher in men than in men. This disease is only seen in women.

Family Background:

Genes are the most common cause of breast cancer, so women of the same family are more likely to have the disease if a woman’s mother, father, sister or daughter has breast cancer. I am also more likely to have this disease.

Personal Health:

Once the patient is diagnosed in the breast, the chances of the disease are increased in the other breast.

Enhancement System:

The reproductive system has a strong association with breast cancer. If the menstrual cycle starts at the age of 12 or ends after 55, the chances of developing the disease are high. Breast cancer is also more likely to be due to the birth and infertility of women in the latter part of the age.


Overweight or obesity in women increases the incidence of this disease. Obesity is the cause of menstruation in women.

Lack of physical activity:

Breast cancer is also more likely to occur in women who do not exercise properly and live a slow life.

In addition to all the above-mentioned reasons, if a woman is not breastfeeding her baby or her diet is poor or she is addicted to smoking, then the risk of the disease increases. It is also important to reiterate that breast cancer causes some complications in society that have nothing to do with reality, as many people consider it to be an outbreak and understand that this patient Touching it or not getting near it will be with someone else.

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