Which country is the cheapest mobile Internet in the world?


In recent research, the website called “Price Comparison” Cable “reviewed mobile data and prices for mobile companies in 230 countries around the world.

According to the website’s report, a gigabyte (ie 1 GB) of internet mobile data worldwide is an average of US $ 8.53 (approximately US $ 1360)
The most expensive mobile data in the world is in Zimbabwe, where a 1GB Internet is valued at US $ 75.20 (about Rs 12,000 Pakistani).

You might be surprised to know that a 1GB mobile data in the US is priced at US $ 12.37 (about 1970 Pakistani). The United States ranks 182nd in providing expensive internet to its mobile users. On the contrary, if speaking of England, users are being provided mobile data for US $ 6.66.

The UK ranks 136th for selling mobile data at half the cost of the United States. The cheapest mobile data in Western Europe is in Finland, priced at US $ 1.16. In addition, Denmark, Monaco and Italy also cost less than US $ 2, on the other hand, Poland is the cheapest mobile data provider in Eastern Europe with a 1GB data of 1.32 US dollars. The dollar is fixed, while Romania holds $ 1.89 and Slovenia has $ 2.21.

China’s situation is no different from the US, China is an economically stable and strong country but still their mobile internet is quite expensive, cable reports that China has mobile data average of US $ 9.89 and expensive internet to sell. Is ranked 165th on the list. About half of the 20 Asian countries are offering the cheapest mobile Internet packages, with only China, Taiwan, and South Korea being the most expensive Internet packages available on average worldwide.

The cheapest mobile Internet in the world is being offered in India, where 1GB mobile data is being provided for US $ 0.26 (about 36 Pakistani), while in Pakistan 1GB mobile data is available for US $ 1.85 (about Rs 295). Pakistani) is being given.

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