What is TB and how it spreads The leading physician warned the public


TB is a bacterial disease that affects stones, but the views of renowned physician Dr. Mohammad Adnan, head of the Bismillah Free Dispensary, may also affect other parts of the body. He said that if a TB patient sneezes or spits on a cough, then the bacteria spread to the air and enters the lungs of another person through the breath, so the initial stages of treatment by a doctor after that person. I am advised In order to prevent the spread of food together.
Dr. Mohammad Adnan added that the Mali Cham Society and the sympathetic attitude of the family are very essential to prevent the disease. “Encouraging the patient can produce positive results,” he said. Government play can seriously play a key role in preventing TB deaths, while student educators print journalist Alan Clay, who teaches TB and his family religious leaders, who feed TB. They can do their best to raise awareness. Let us all pledge that we will play a vital role in the complete elimination of TB from our city and province.

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