What Is Decora Fashion


What Is Decora Fashion

Decora fashion is a prominent Japanese fashion style that has become the face of Harajuku styles globally. The style includes bright colors and a large assortment of accessories. Even though the style’s peak was in the mid-2000s, it remains popular and famous in Harajuku.

Decora is a more lively and childlike style. It has less of a silhouette and is more focused on using accessories, motifs, and color schemes.

Decora Fashion In Japan

Japan has undoubtedly to be one of the very diverse and, some would say, eccentric, as it pertains to street fashion. There are fashions that you would typically see there you do not see anywhere else, especially within the streets of Harajuku. In this place, many fashionistas from other subcultures accumulate and showcase their unnaturally creative but otherwise cool looks. If you would like to understand more concerning different Harajuku street fashion, you could click here. Otherwise, we can proceed to the main issue.

The Decora Fashion the one that mainly stands out because of its look and nature. If you find a person or group wearing a somewhat over-the-top, really show-stopping pair of accessories and clothes, well, you are looking at precisely the Decora street style.

The source of the name Decora is pretty straightforward, but it directly came from the English word. And the name seems fitting because of their focus mainly on how cosmetic their outfits and accessories would be.

Let us break down everything to understand how this cute and creative fashion is placed together, and also, you may think that is the most complicated thing that you have experienced when it comes to style. However, it’s a lot easier to accomplish than you might be thinking.

Decora’s clothing style is all about design and many, many colors united. Everything is genuinely excess, from how they dress to how they accessorize themselves and style their hair. The pieces they generally put together are shirts printed with kawaii cartoon characters, coat or cardigan, scarves, skirts, leggings, leg warmers, mismatched colored shoes, etc., everything that they can throw together to produce an excellent cute, human rainbow. Each piece should be colorful, and that is what makes them stand out on the streets. Even in gloomy weather, so when everything else is dull, it is possible to quickly spot someone donning this fashion, even if they’re far away from you.

This style took Japan by storm through the late 1990s to early 2000s. However, it finally expired and is not a fad in present times; nonetheless, it continues to be noticed in Harajuku at the time of date every once in a while. That is inspired mainly by cartoons of the 80s, so it is customary to watch them wearing shirts printed with cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, or even Keroppi.