What if the Pakistan cricket team wins its next four matches


What will happen if the Pakistan cricket team now wins its next four matches?

What will happen if the Pakistan cricket team now wins its next four matches? Wasim Akram made a big prediction, criticizing Imam ul Haq|Former Manchester captain Wasim Akram has said that he was tired of criticizing the Pakistani team, now Pakistan cricket team’s journey to the World Cup has been difficult. Wasim Akram said in an interview with five bowlers in the match against India. Bowling first by winning the toss is understandable, five bowlers means you are going with fewer batsmen, the mentality present during the fielding is very important. The former captain said that I have played here before, I know the conditions here. Are different, if anyone asks,
Now, even after winning four matches, matters will not be in their hands. Sikar Akram criticized the Pakistani team and asked, “Who does the field wearing gloves?” Pakistanis wear field energy and practice fielding, playing local cricket? Imam-ul-Haq was bandaged, bear a bit of pain, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad all played in control of the pain. Meanwhile, former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, known as Rawalpindi Express, has declared the captain of the national team, Sarfraz Ahmed, as a ‘rail cut’. Shoaib Akhtar said he had won the toss against India in the last match. We had won half a match but we tried not to win this match, by batting with India, we repeated the mistakes of Indian captain Virat Kohli during the Champions Trophy. Shoaib said that I do not understand. How could anyone be such a blunt-minded captain who knew we couldn’t get a run rate, Sarfraz should have known that our batting is not our strength, our bowling line is better, we fed 5 bowlers. I couldn’t perform anything special. He said that there was no planning in the game, all the players were doing the same batting, there was no versatility. Apply, your need for strength and courage is on the ground, these movements look good when you take 6 to 7 wickets, you have given 84 runs. Shibe criticized Mohammad Amir and said that he should take wickets. I am too late, he is a good bowler but he did not take a wicket in ‘Moments’ and we did not get any benefit from taking his wickets later. The exact techniques of batting are not known, they play spinner and fast bowler in the same manner and could not make any particular runs, nor hit any hit. While India has won us because of their bowling, our batting line has always failed in front of India’s bowling, Shoaib said, “It is a false impression that your bowling is not your bowling. Shoaib finally expressed his disappointment for the next matches of the World Cup and said that there was nothing happening in the matches ahead of them. It’s hard to come by.