What happened with Me Too Campaign


What happened with Me Too Campaign

What happened with Me Too Campaign | What happened two years after the campaign was launched? Two years ago, on October 2017, famous Hollywood producer Harvey Winston was accused of sexually harassing 18 actors and women, and five actors were accused of raping him. Actors, models, singers, fashion designers and journalists who have made serious allegations of sexual harassment and ‘rap’ against Harvey Weinstein include Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Jessica Barth, Catherine Kandel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heather R. Graham, Rosen. Battling, Zoe Brooke, Emma Dee Canes, Cara Deleugen, Lucia Evans, Romula Gray, Elizabeth Westwood, Judith Goderich, Don Denning, Jessica Heinz, Rose McGowan, Tommy Ann Roberts, Lia Sandos, Loren Swain, and Meera. After accusing leading producer Alyssa Milan of Hollywood producers, Twitter launched a phenomenon called “Me Too”.

The campaign for sexual harassment of women has led to a worldwide search for syrup. Elsa Melano started the trend by demanding that women be sexually harassed at some point in their lives, using the hashtag ‘Me To’ to help the world understand this problem. Please. How serious. And then something like this, women from all corners of the world used my hashtag tags because they were sexually harassed. On this occasion, many people became silent, which cannot be forgiven. All ‘main’ hashtags are also created with ‘me too’. People of all ages have problems before talking to ordinary people and now they have to come face to face. There was a time when they were sexually harassed, when in fact they really did, but they were not only presenting themselves but helping the world. The campaign also had an impact on India and Pakistan
The campaign not only influenced Hollywood but also Bollywood and the Hollywood industry. In addition, politicians in India have also been accused of harassment after the campaign.

Where Bollywood actress Tanwashi Dutta turned against actress Nana Patekar, women of the Pakistani entertainment industry also came out. Bollywood actor Alok Nath accused writer Vinta Nanda of sexual harassment and rap, while Kangana Renawat, on the other hand, also accused Vikas Behl of sexual harassment. Apart from this, Bollywood director Subhash Ghai was also accused of sexual harassment and rap by a woman, though the director has dismissed the allegations as baseless, while Bollywood director Sajid Khan also had three women. He was accused of sexual harassment, after which Sajid Khan had to resign from several major schemes. Renowned Indian composer Anomulk also had to cancel the TV show after allegations of harassment.

In addition, renowned Pakistani showbiz industry singer and actor Ali Zafar revealed on social media last year that neighboring singer Mesha Shafi was accused of sexual harassment during a gaming session. Critics were criticized, while several members of the showbiz industry left with Ali Zafar. Subsequently, the two showbiz personalities approached the court for litigation against each other and for the past year and a half the dispute between Ali Zafar and Mesha Shafi has been pending in the court, which has so far been filed by Ali Zafar. Is. The statements of 12 missing witnesses have been filed in support of the post, and Mesha Shafi did not appear in court despite numerous appeals.

In 2018, Khalid Bajwa, chief executive officer of the music streaming website Patari, was also accused of sexually harassing two women, which he dismissed after receiving evidence. In addition, the son of comedian Junaid Akram and the late social activist Late Abdul Sattar Edhi, Faisal Edhi were also accused of sexual harassment and blackmail. However, within a few days, men dismissed women’s accusations as baseless.

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