Wedding photos of actress Sanam Chaudhry have surfaced


Wedding photos of actress Sanam Chaudhry have surfaced! Photos of the marriage took place six months before the actress and model Sanam Chaudhry.

In July this year, updates on the entertainer’s farewells to the uplifting news and her union with the United States were circling, yet Somi Chauhan denied the news. And now actress Sanam Chaudhry and singer Somi Chauhan have shared on social media the images of being in a relationship.

Sanam Chaudhry was married in Islamabad in July, however, he stayed discreet and his older sister also claimed that nothing had happened yet, yet news had turned out on July 12 in such manner.

The entertainer posted a photograph of herself with Mrs. Somi Chauhan alongside her nephew and furthermore reported marriage with niece, sisters, and mother. While in a picture he also thanked his mom. On the other hand, in the event of the marriage, their three sisters and some nearby family members were likewise present.

The elder sister of Sanam Chaudhry, Zeeb Chaudhry, said that the marriage ceremony was short and many relatives were not invited. However, Sanam Chowdhury will decide whether or not to invite friends and relatives.

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