Warning Be careful, Google’s spy mission


Warning Be careful, Google’s spy mission

Be careful, Google’s spy mission | Social networking websites have helped people living in different regions and countries of the world communicate with each other. That’s why millions of people around the world today are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Readers will now hold your hearts firmly as we are about to tell you a lot of shocking and shocking information, you will remember that in the last days we were exposed to the worst scandal in the history of Facebook. This is how a social networking site has allowed its users to use valuable data in the victory of US President Donald Trump. This company suffered severe embarrassment not only in the US but all over the world but also lost its customers. As a result, Facebook suffered a huge loss and its share prices fell. 

The matter became so serious that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to regularly apologize to the public. It is now reported that in Pakistan and other parts of the world, Facebook is making its users’ data more secure. The number of security personnel in the countries is increasing in 2018 to make elections free and fair. Although the scandal did not explode, the now-famous search engine has revealed that it not only records every activity of its users. But the US military is supporting better operations. Its purpose is for the US military to use its technology. Search engines and social media sites spy on their users.

A similar scandal surfaced in 2015, when, in fact, Cambridge University psychology professor Dr. Cogan financed a special request called Cambridge Analytica on Facebook, primarily called “Your Digital “Ten from life”. Designed as a computing application that predicts personality psychology. Today, Facebook is full of applications that record users by accessing their profiles, photos, status, and other personal information through a Facebook login. Most of these applications built on special algorithms are fake. And their purpose is to steal users’ personal information and sell them for surveys and statistics. Using data from over 300 million people, the number of people logging in to Dr. Coogan’s request was 5 million. Their psychological profiles were also created. Now how do we tell our customers how they and their valuable data are at the mercy of technology companies and how they are making billions of dollars by selling their valuable information to advertising companies.

The CIA itself is committing violations of its policies and why not just sell technology to make the most money for war purposes? The fact is that Pakistan and other Derasin countries have a very high population. The thoughtful sharing of information not only on Google daily but also on WhatsApp and Facebook, the majority of those who engage on the internet and social media day and night are unaware of how these applications make our lives. Like putting in a dangerous trap. People are using the “Voice Search” feature because their data is being stored with Google in the form of sound rather than text. If you want to know what Google knows about you, visit “My Activity Google” to see your profile, which is based on your search history. The most dangerous aspect of this is that Google is not responsible or liable for keeping it confidential. Apart from search history, Google also has a map of your location from mobile in Pakistan, “GPS or google account sign in”. Many people who are “unaware” of this and keep their location online, however, are an important feature for the user to detect not only the accident or the last person’s presence. Finding a way from an unknown place can be easy, but there are many benefits. And millions of innocent people around the world, including the CIA, have been trapped and disappeared in the same way. In the current scenario, it is important for each user to not only delete their search history simultaneously but also to avoid activating the desired location. – It also uses the most commonly used social media forums, such as “Facebook and WhatsApp” to protect a user’s personal information on its Life Chip. Every update, a new feature. Wrapped in colorful slogans of entertainment or convenience for consumers, the interior is more connected and connected, you can do this in your news feed on Facebook, if you are interested in science, Facebook will make you more scientific. Displays informational pages or a sponsored post in the news feed, apparently a search engine for the user. One way to save time and save time. But the fact is that these features are not only the thoughts, likes, and dislikes of the user but also the status of personal life information being acquired through stagnation. This time has caused Facebook’s global reputation to sink.

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