Vaccination of children in Pakistan


Vaccination of children in Pakistan

Vaccination of children in Pakistan! Vaccination of newborn babies is a major problem in Pakistan. The following are the factors responsible for this poor vaccination status.

• Not being aware

• Child access issues

• Poverty

• False ideas about vaccination

• No access to information and access to contraception sources

But, fortunately, the government has been serious about the vaccination situation for the past few years and is interested in reaching it at the doorsteps of the public, and there have been some significant changes in the government’s thinking and outlook in this regard. In addition, the government has allocated separate funds for the Newborn Children’s Extension Program. According to the 2013 data, 70% of the newborns had access to euthanasia, a clear increase over the coming years. These vaccines include polio, measles, TB, measles, tetanus, and cough, and hepatitis B vaccination is now included in the EPI schedule. While the latest schedule also introduces vaccines against nausea and vomiting. The following is the vaccination schedule for children.

Vaccination of children in Pakistan

Age vaccine

15 days from birth BCG (Tuberculosis) + OPV (For Polio)

6 weeks OPV + DPT1 + HepB1 + Hib 1

10 weeks OPV2 + DPT2 + HepB2 + Hib 2

14 weeks OPV3 + DPT3 + Hep B3 + Hib 3

9 months Measles Vaccine

15 to 18 months 1st booster of OPV / DPT + MMR

5 to 6 years 2nd booster of DPT

10 years Tetanus vaccine

16 years Tetanus vaccine

Vaccine plays a key role in preventing diseases, and deaths in children The EPI program was launched in Pakistan in 1978, and initially vaccines against six major diseases were launched. These diseases include polio, TB, measles, measles, tetanus, and cough. Hepatitis B was also added to this list in 2001. The Hib Influenza vaccine was added to the list in 2008 and Nemo Naya’s vaccine in 2012.

All these vaccines are available free of charge to all children of Pakistan through specific vaccination centers located in all areas of Pakistan. In addition, it is the responsibility of all parents to vaccinate their children on time so that they can be protected from dangerous and deadly diseases. The government claims that 80% of children are provided with EPI vaccine in Pakistan, while surveys from humorous sources show that the number is 50-60%. It is urgently needed that Pakistan 100% of children should be given this facility to ensure their healthy and healthy future.

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