US president threatens to impose sanctions on Iraq


US president threatens to impose sanctions on Iraq

US president threatens to impose sanctions on Iraq! US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose sanctions on Iraq.

According to foreign media, the Iraqi parliament has approved the withdrawal of all foreign forces, including the United States, and the termination of the security agreement, but the Iraqi government has not yet approved it.

President Donald Trump has reacted to the issue, saying that the US military will impose sanctions on Iraq and force it to open. He said that if Iran invaded US interests it would be given a strong response.

Iraqi Parliament Resolution to End US Security Agreement

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said in his statement that when the Iraqi leadership and the government decide, then we see what we can do, however, It is believed that the Iraqi people want to continue with the United States for a counter-terrorism campaign.

US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortigas said the Iraqi parliament was disappointed with the decision, looking at the impact of the resolution and the legal nature of the resolution, reviewing its thinking to defeat Iraqi leaders

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