Uber’s helicopter service


Uber’s helicopter service

Uber’s helicopter service | Uber’s helicopter service introduced in New York. Would you like to go by helicopter ride-sharing service? If so, for the first time in New York, Uber has introduced a helicopter service that runs from Manhattan to the John F. Kennedy Airport for $ 200.
It’s named UberCopter, which is now available to all users of this ride-sharing app before it was available only to premium users.
Starting October 7, service will start at $ 200 to $ 225 per person.
The company claims the service aims to reduce travel time, but according to Reuters, it takes 70 minutes to reach the airport from the Midtown Office, meanwhile a subway ride and airport helicopter. It also takes 2 onboard riders in departures and addresses.
And now it’s time to reach the taxi destination in normal traffic.
The Seventies debuted for platinum and diamond consumers in June and can carry up to 5 people in a helicopter that can carry bags and handbags or laptop cases with them.

Every passenger using the service should also watch the safety video before takeoff and it takes 8 minutes to arrive at the airport after the helicopter ride. Earlier this year, the same company also introduced the Ride Sharing Submarine facility in Australia. Uber partnered with Queensland, Australia, and ordered submarines with the general Uber app This service was only for 4 weeks. An hour-long round-trip ride began in various cities in Queensland, and users had to enter their destination address in the name of the Great Barrier Reef, which was confirmed by an Uber operator. That this extraordinary ride was not mistakenly booked.
Uber has rented out the facility, which starts at $ 200 to $ 225 for its Platinum and Diamond customers, while the airport journey will take about 8 to 8 minutes.
International online taxi service Uber wants to introduce an air service by 2023 that will be like a helicopter taxi and make it possible to travel to Andorra.
Uber’s new aviation service will also protect consumers from getting stuck in traffic on time.

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