Two Indian spies arrested from Bahawalpur


Two Indian spies arrested from Bahawalpur

Punjab police arrested two Indian nationals from Cholistan desert in Yazman tehsil of Bahawalpur who illegally crossed the border into Pakistan and are suspected of spying.

Both citizens entered Pakistan without passports and documents, and a case has been registered against them under Control of Entry Act 3 and 4.

The identity of the Indian nationals was recognized in the name of Wyndham, Babu Rao Wyndham, and Wiri Lal Wald Provincial Lal. According to the FIR, Prashant is associated with the Indian state of Hyderabad and Vari Lal is from Madhya Pradesh.

Police will present the Indian citizens in court today and request physical remand, during which they will be further investigated.

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