Top 5 exciting restaurants in Pakistan


Top 5 exciting restaurants in Pakistan

Top 5 exciting restaurants in Pakistan | Enjoying delicious food in a restaurant outside the house is always a different experience usually, people choose a restaurant where not only the food is delicious but also the ambiance around it. Charming and charming. Be unique because this environment has a profound effect on your mood too – keeping in view this fact, today we will show you some of Pakistan’s unique restaurants where you can enjoy not only delicious food but also moments spent here. Can also enjoy it. It may be beautiful and forever.

Mansion Restaurant
This restaurant is located in the historic Khalil Khan Haveli, Lahore – The Haveli mansion is very charming and worth a visit. There are several historic buildings around the mansion, including the temple, temple, and minaret of Guru Arjan. Pakistan is included – this restaurant has a beautiful view of all these buildings and is also a feature of this restaurant.

Fokker Friendship Restaurant
This fascinating restaurant located in Fokker aircraft is located in Chitral. It was a former PIA aircraft that crashed in Chitral on June 16, 2004. Done – Eating at this unique restaurant also proved to be a unique experience.

Coco den
Named after Coco Dean and Cafe, the restaurant made its name in the Food Business of Lahore – the restaurant is located on Food Street, Lahore, where many ancient buildings are being built. For those who want something different, this restaurant is a charming place.

It is a famous Islamabad restaurant located on the hills of Margalla. It is possible to get a beautiful view of Islamabad from this high altitude restaurant. The restaurant remains a tourist attraction.

This restaurant is located on the banks of two rivers of Karachi and enjoys dining on the beach.

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