Timely diagnosis of heart diseases is essential


Timely diagnosis of heart diseases is essential

Identifying and treating heart disease symptoms can help prevent serious heart disease risks. In the last ten years, the number of people dying and dying from heart disease in Bihar has increased by 300%. According to a study conducted in the rural areas of Bihar, “The major causes are: food intake, hypertension, tobacco use, diabetes and high blood cholesterol.” One-third of the population of youth over the age of 30 has been diagnosed with hypertension, “said Dr. Madhukar Shahi, who hails from Gurgaon and served as Director of the International Cardiology Department at MedantaMedicity Hospital. Are. According to data from the Indian Council of Medical Research Institute’s 2016 survey, Dr Shahi added that 35% of the total number of people under 40 in Bihar and 35% at the age of 40 are in Bihar. There were people who died prematurely because of heart disease.

It was, of course, the premature death of these people. And this is the reason for the 10-15% of fixed losses in the expected age. Dr. Shahi believes that in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, people have a history of heart disease, poverty, neglect of health, lack of access to standard healthcare and people’s symptoms and treatment. Lack of education. Due to a shortage of qualified and specialist doctors, the number of people dying of heart disease has increased. There is a shortage of state-of-the-art medical facilities in the state. Because of this, people go to hospitals located in neighboring states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and finally the Delhi-NCR, to get their treatment.

The main problem associated with this is that at the birth of a child, parents do not show any good pediatrician to the child. They do not know the possible symptoms of heart disease in children. Dr Shahi says that there is a dire need to run proper screening and information schemes related to heart disease in Bihar. People with heart disease should be made aware of their disease and treatment options. And financial support for the treatment of the sick requires empowerment.

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