Things you never post on Facebook


More than two billion people worldwide use Facebook.

But most people are unaware of the fact that Facebook and other well-known social media networks collect a lot of consumer information, but they are limited to companies or reach out to advertising companies, but from sharing to consumers Should stay afloat Apparently, some of the most common posts can be a source of trouble for you. Exchange details about relationships Make the relationship between you and your spouse as accessible to others as social media networks are. Don’t be shy about anything and keep personal details to your limits, and you may lose the trust of close relatives. There are occasions that demand behavior and that is why we do not try to take a selfie by smiling at a burial, in the same way, we do not share selfies with anyone.
Anything that is against the rules, such as calling a car or sharing a photo of a weapon, can even lead you to jail, where the word ‘personal’ suggests that the conversation has ended, so it can be used on social media. Why share on If you do this, you may get a lot of luck at once but then you will not give yourself anything that will not hurt you about life.
Always refrain from sharing your home address and personal phone number, except that your profile can be trusted only if your profile is public and I have many strangers, so such information At all costs from admission. Avoid going into this setting on a social media site and restrict yourself to the public and Facebook.
Never share unethical content on social media Shared content on the Internet is not deleted, even if you delete it from your profile because it is already protected when such content also faces legal issues. To do. You should not use your social media account for revenge and refrain from hurting anyone with the help of existing social media personalities who are morally wrong. Under the new rules, crime is also a crime.
If your mom isn’t on this list, why don’t you share Mother’s Day on your profile, why not tell your mom directly, and share birthday wishes on social media with friends on social media Are not far Even if you are making a joking commentary, you need to be united, so to avoid serious remarks on religion, politics and other serious issues, always choose the words by rejecting others. Various research reports have revealed that seeing other people’s expensive items on social media has created a sense of security and failure in us, and dissatisfaction puts you in mind if you do something expensive. ? You are showing off your belongings and some people may steal. Remember that anything you post on social media is nearly impossible to delete and that information is passed to it. Be very careful.

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