The Unsettling Horror Series On Netflix


The Unsettling Horror Series On Netflix

THE UNSETTLING is the latest horror series that is available on Netflix. It was initially a show in the UK on Awesomeness television, the series does offer a lot of potentials, but it also appears as an adult-oriented drama. The cult-like aspect of the plot will get you interested. Check out Our The Unsettling series review here!


Director: Chris Grismer

Cast: Holly Taylor, Joy Goodman, Tequan Richmond, Travis Hammer, Willow Shields


The Unsettling Horror Series On Netflix Plot

Becca is a 16-year-old girl who is a new arrival at her foster home, located in a remote region. The foster children are not exactly warm, but none more than her foster parents’ 11-year old biological father. Becca is determined to be herself and adapt to her new environment; however, strange events occur around her, and Becca isn’t sure the person or thing responsible.



THE UNSETTLING is a brand-new terror series available through Netflix, which also has some elements of fantasy. With only eight 30-minute episodes, you’ll be able to watch all of the season in a short time. Although I’m not a fan of drama for teens that takes the most space, I really enjoyed the story of this cult religion.


The name alone can cause me to itch; “New Purity”. This is the kind of name that has the potential for many sinister deeds. In the past, at least in the past, regardless of the religions or just those of the Salem witch-hunts. The pursuit of purity is typically linked to suffering.

The classic teen drama from the horror genre

The Unsettling is the first and foremost show intended for teenagers. That’s the way I felt when watching it. But, it’s very much a horror show, and the terror is prominently displayed. The only difference is that the principal characters are teenagers and behave in a way that is appropriate for teenagers. I’m sure this will be annoying to specific adult Netflix viewers, but you can still go to the site for the thrill.


My main concern concerning the teenage aspect is that they act like stereotyped teenagers. It becomes old-fashioned, very quickly. Mainly because it’s unjust and demeaning to teens. I’m sure that many of us remember what a teenager is like (even though it began a long time back). Although we might have done certain foolish things, most of us weren’t actually stupid!


Alex Lange might be familiar if you’ve ever watched the Light as a Feather teen horror series. He is Silas in the new series, and he’s not a foster child. The character is likely to attract a lot of teenage girls (and some guys) for The Unsettling series on Netflix. Like Tequan Richmond (Thriller), who plays foster son Connor and is trying to help Becca discover the mystery behind what’s happening.

You can watch the Unsettling show on Netflix!

The director in The Unsettling series is Chris Grismer, and he was previously the director of TV series episodes like The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. This will provide you with an understanding of the kind you can expect, even although The Unsettling is nowhere near as elegant or polished as the two shows. The Unsettling feels more of a soap opera and could tell you something.


The Unsettling was created by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson for AwesomenessTV. The company also developed its Netflix series Trinkets and the previously mentioned Light as a Feather. Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson created Another Teen Movie (2001) and Extreme Movie (2008). Also, they’re familiar with teen-driven stories in a comedy setting.

Watch Me Before You on Netflix


There’s no humour with The Unsettling, which is an indictment. It gets too serious and heavy in a way that makes it appear to be trying to smear teens. It’s almost as if it was written for the “tween” group of people. Ghosts, creepy sons from religious families, and bizarre locked cellar doors don’t seem like the right things to include in a tween-oriented series.


The show first airs on Awesomeness TV, and it has since been licensed to various distributors around the world. The show was released through HBO Nordic in Scandinavia back in the summer of 2019. So, it’s been on the air for a while. But only the eight episodes of season 1 are currently available. If The Unsettling becomes a massive success on Netflix, I’m not sure that we will see more of it shortly.


The Unsettling is available the streaming service Netflix in the US beginning February 1st 2021.


The Unsettling is a story about a family of farmers. In the Unsettling, the story unfolds in a rural region. A seemingly good (and highly faith-based) couple live on agricultural property and cares for many foster children. The foster children seem content enough, particularly considering they’ve been in various terrible foster homes before this one.


Alongside having four foster children, they also possess their very own son. And he is definitely a little devil. He’s named Dominic and, according to reports, it’s a bit of a miraculous child who was sent by God. However, he looks more similar to Damien of The Omen. The Dominic kid is so creepy that it’s plain disturbing.


It’s a frequent issue in this show, and it is levels where you can guess the majority of plot twists. Think of the most ridiculous action you can do in any scenario, and you’ll witness one of the teens perform precisely this!

A group of familiar faces

Although The Unsettling might not be packed with well-known actors, you will likely be able to recognize some actors. First, the principal character Becca is played as played by Holly Taylor. She has been on numerous seasons on The Americans, which should bring her to the attention of many viewers. Holly Taylor is also in the 2020 film We Still Say Grace, a second story based on religion for her.


Another foster child will be familiar to many. It’s the name of the character Maya, and she is performed by Willow Shields, who was Primrose Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise.

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