The tremendous rise in the stock market, 108 billion increase in capital


The tremendous rise in the stock market, 108 billion increase in capital

The tremendous rise in the stock market, a 108 billion increase in the capital! Pakistan Stock Exchange saw a sharp upward trend on Friday and the KSE rose by 500 points to reach the highest level of 7 months with 39,000 points. The cumulative volume of the stock exceeded 75 trillion rupees, while the share price of 73.46% also went up. The business started to gain momentum in the Pakistan stock market on Friday, thanks to investments in banking, energy, cement, food and chemical sectors, the index was able to cross the 4 upper limits of 38900, 39000, 39100 and 39200 points. The index also touched a high of 39452 points on one occasion due to a sharp rise in business activity.

The KSE 100 Index recorded an increase of 581.38 points due to the rise in business activity, up from 38706.27 points, to 39,287.65 points, while the SE30 index increased by 227.73 points to 17,802.50 points from 18078.25. Points, while the KSE All Shares Index increased from 27439.12 points to 27838.52 points.

Due to the boom, the market capitalization increased by 1 trillion 8 billion 99 million 22 thousand 93 thousand rupees, which resulted in the total volume of capital increased from 74 trillion 2 billion 97 crore 62 lakh 12 thousand 786 rupees to 75 trillion 11 billion 96 million 85 thousand 6 thousand 783 rupees. On Friday, the stock market traded 43 million 18 million 53 thousand shares worth Rs 14 billion.

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