The new glamorous image of the planet has gone viral


The new glamorous image of the planet has gone vira

The new glamorous image of the planet has gone viral |The Hubble Space Telescope has painted a beautiful planet Saturn called the Art Gallery. The beauty of Saturn and the circles can be seen very clearly in this image.

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Looking at the picture, it is thought that the planet is floating in deep ink, which is at least one billion 36 million kilometers away from us. This photo was taken on June 20, 2019 with the help of Wide Field Camera 3 in Hubble. These photos were taken under a special Hubble program, the Outpatient Aviation Heritage or the Opel Project. The purpose of this program is to examine the planets of the eclipse so that they are aware of their condition.

Although there are reports of storms on Jupiter, storms remain intact on the day of Saturn. Thanks to the Opel program, a major storm hit the North Pole of Saturn, which is now over. During Saturn, small storms form and disappear, and ammonia ice has also been discovered on its poles.

Fans around the world love and share beautiful pictures of Saturn. NASA, on the other hand, has also released an intermittent Hubble Space Telescope video in which some of the larger orbits of Saturn’s more than 60 orbits are visible. This video was created by looking at 33 different images..