The mysterious death of a Korean actress


The mysterious death of a Korean actress

The mysterious death of a Korean actress | Sully, a 25-year-old South Korean singer, and actress who found controversial statements, strange fashion, and demeanor in women’s sovereignty, was found dead in her room. Singer and actress Sully’s real name was Choi Jin Ri and she started her career as a child artist.
Soli was known for the musical band ‘FX’, which is the most prominent female member of this six-member musical band. The group stepped in the music industry before 2010 and rose to fame by 2014, but with the rise of solo fame, he withdrew and sought to earn a living as a solo singer and actress.

Although Sly started acting before being separated from the musical band, he also appeared in Korean films and dramas while working with the musical band. However, after his separation from the musical band, he gained fame and made a place for himself.
After Soli made her place, she also established a relationship with pop singer Jong Yun and the friendship continued between the two, but the friendship did not last long. Fans have also criticized Julie Yoon’s suicide after she thought she too was depressed. Soli was also known in the media for his controversial statements, his semi-nude dress, and unusual style.
Soli believed that it was not okay for women to have sex organs as well as other breast organs. Sully was also seen several times in highly inappropriate clothing and Iranian language, which he was criticized for.

He was seen inappropriately during an interview last month, after which he was criticized online. It is believed that Soli committed suicide due to severe depression and self-criticism, but police have not declared his death a suicide. According to the report, after the manager’s body was found by the manager’s hand, he informed the police that the actress had not been contacting him since last night. When she arrived at Soli’s house, they were found dead. Police did not immediately declare the singer’s death a suicide, nor did he release details about whether there were signs of violence on the singer’s body.
According to the police, the mysterious death of the singer and actress is being investigated. It is premature to say anything about Sully’s death before the investigation.
Many people have expressed grief over the mysterious death of the singer and actress and her death has become a huge trend worldwide on Twitter.

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