The Joker really, in fact, was that so?


The Joker really, in fact, was that so?

The Joker really, in fact, was that so? The Hollywood crime drama Joker made the record at the box office and surpassed everyone in terms of rating. While the film broke the window in cinemas around the world, Joaquin Phoenix, who played the lead role in the film, also made his acting debut such that his discussions became commonplace. But was it just coincidental for the hit movie joker to cast Joe Quinn Phoenix? A new debate has sprung up among the viewers of the film world. Because in the real life of the hit movie Joker and his protagonist, such a striking resemblance has been found which has taken the fans by surprise.

Joker dance on the sidewalks

Let’s know what they agree with.

The movie Joker shows that actor Joaquin Phoenix’s finances are poor and he belongs to a poor house.

To keep up with their daily routine, they dance on the sidewalks and passers-by to dress up a clown.

While comparing it with the real-life of Joaquin Phoenix, it is known that he was actually from a poor family.

He used to dance with his older brother on the streets of Hollywood and earn money and feed his family. The same coincidence happened in his real-life when his father advised him to be associated with a talent agency in childhood, but financial circumstances did not allow it. At the end of the movie, you may have noticed that Joaquin Phoenix asks the host in the make-up room before going to the stage show to introduce him as the Joker instead of Arthur in the program.

It would certainly be surprised to know that in fact, Joaquin Phoenix had changed his name because most people in America did not speak his name correctly

It is clear that the Hollywood movie Joker is going to make the record. The Joker has become the highest-grossing film in the world. Now the Joker has also reached the number one position in the All-Time Record R rating. The Hollywood movie Joker broke the record of the superhero movie ‘Deadpool’ by doing 90 million business.

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