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The intelligent test framework

The intelligent test framework | The kernel test framework is working in the Linux kernel service. Intellectual sections of the framework clinics, which are used to test different parts of the code, as well as the self-test, and will allow the A-Colonel test framework to check the code on Linux’s discontinued units. And it will be very easy for you and we call it the kernel test framework Linux tree.
Knut Omang of Oracle is taking a shot at joining the Kernel register Framework with the UNIX working system piece supply tree/storage facility.
The Kernel check Framework is used for unit testing of the UNIX working system piece what’s more as astonishing part testing of the code. Up to the present reason the Kernel check Framework has been made separate from the UNIX working structure piece tree so as to consider testing against discretional variations of the Linux part. Directly, regardless, Oracle is hoping to get this piece testing structure as a bit of the UNIX working system segment supply tree.
The Kernel check Framework isn’t absolutely autonomous at any rate will rely upon Google test in light of the way that the test sprinter still among elective segments. Concerning his or her motivation for getting it composed by and by, “An in-tree KTF licenses check suites to be given the bit, that makes it simple to use KTF based for the most part suites as a bit of the part self-tests and driver check suites. Having the flexibility to even currently fabricate and run the most cutting-edge types of test suites against increasingly prepared pieces ought to be of lovely expense to stable maintainers, dissemination and driver maintainers, WHO may wish to have a direct way, with immaterial backporting attempts to shape sure that criteria actualized by new check method of reasoning is in addition significant for these parts. Our positive target pushing ahead is to do to satisfy each need during indisputable strategies. The set up is to let the autonomous KTF storage facility seek after the in-divide one, and to permit check suites to be kept up correspondingly, and to help support by right tooling.”

With this, we will be able to check every type of code and we call it kernel Framework kernel Tree,

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