The history of Google Pixel 4 has arrived


The history of Google Pixel 4 has arrived

The history of Google Pixel 4 has arrived | If you are looking forward to the best camera phones in 2019, the good news is that they are being introduced next month. Yes, the wait for Google’s new Pixel 4 phone is coming to an end and Google has announced its release date, which will launch in New York on October 15. An invitation from Google says ‘Come and see some of the things Google has created’. Not much was revealed in this invitation, but Google has traditionally introduced its new Pixel phone in October and uses the mid-Google brand for its product. Interestingly, Google did not mention the Pixel 4 in this invitation, but it did release some details about the new phone over the past few months. As the company tweeted camera photos of this phone, it pointed to new radar technology that would make it possible to remove a hand from another device without touching the touch screen.

Google introduced its first Pixel Phone in 2016, which was first announced as Middle Google before the Nexus phone was launched with HTC and LG.

As far as Google’s new Pixel 4 Series phones are concerned, they will be able to do something for photography enthusiasts who do not yet have a smartphone camera and can snap photos of astronomers or stars. In this regard, Prendroid has possibly leaked Google’s official marketing video, giving Sky Sky a new mode for taking photos of Google’s new smartphone. However, the details of this new function are minimal in the video, only promise that you will be able to save the stars in the eyes of the camera. And if that proves to be true, you won’t even need a try pod because of this feature.

This feature also indicates that Google has greatly improved its Knight function and is a feature that is not possible with the phone camera despite all the advances in smartphone photography.
Google confirmed in August that it would be the first smartphone to use radar technology, allowing users to remotely move and use multiple features. The Google Project is offering Solo Pixel 4.

In Project Soli, the company is developing a technology that will allow smart devices to be used remotely shortly. The technology will be an interactive control system in which the user’s radar-based motion sensors will detect hand movements. The video shows a hand gesture and a woman away from the phone is shaking the phone and changing the alarm to receive a phone call. It is especially difficult to say how far the movement of the hand can improve the use of the feature, but it can be a start.
According to the earlier Lexus, the Pixel 4XL will be given a 6.25-inch display and since the bells are high enough it will feel a quite big phone. For the first time in this series 2 or more cameras are being installed on the back, before last year there were 2 cameras in front of the Pixel 3XL but only one was given on the back. Some time ago, leaked images showed that 3 cameras will be mounted on the back of the Pixel 4XL while the fingerprint sensor will be moved inside the display.