The first man to walk in space died


Alex Lenovit in space in minutes? A tribute to the whole world

The first man to walk in space died|Russian astronaut, Alexev Lenov died at the age of 85, the first in space. According to British media, Russian astronaut Alexei Lenov died in a Moscow hospital after a prolonged illness. Alexev Lenov’s name is always remembered in history. Because he was the first man to step into space. Lewan was part of the Soviet Union’s space mission Voskod 2 in 1965, and on March 18, 1965, he was aboard the spacecraft. Come out and stay in space for 12 minutes. Considering that walking is equivalent to walking or floating in the air, one reason is that they stayed for 12 minutes, also because they were trapped in the spacecraft’s cable during which they were spacecraft. I was able to go back.