The field in which Pakistan overtook everyone


The field in which Pakistan overtook everyone|The country’s economy, there has been good news that Pakistanis will be swept up by hearing. According to the Express Tribune, the news is that in the last three months, the Pakistan stock market has set a new record fast and has left the whole world behind. In the last three months, the Pakistani stock market has risen 30% and has risen to number one in the world at the fastest rate. In the same period, the stock market in Ireland was up 20% and in the third the Russian stock market rose 15%. Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index has reached a high level in the last seven months. Earlier, the Karachi Stock Exchange also witnessed a period of historic recession and in August this year, it had reached its lowest level in the last 5 years. However, after borrowing and other measures by the IMF, the stock market has taken over and is now booming. With the rapid growth, it is expected that large investors, including mutual funds and insurers, will also start investing, which will greatly improve the domestic economy.