The easiest way to avoid the onset of colds and colds


The easiest way to avoid the onset of colds and colds

Winter is coming, but even if it is colder in different areas, it would not be wrong, but where cold brings with its pleasant weather and pleasant evenings, complaints of colds, colds are also common but today we will provide you with a recipe that you can protect yourself against from colds. Seeds and colds come with climate change, but the best way to keep yourself safe is to stop it where it started and here are 5 ways you can stop it. By getting vitamin D, it has recently been shown that people who have vitamin D deficiency are more prone to diarrhea, colds. If you have any idea what vitamin D is related to colds, then let us tell you that Vitamin D helps in the fight against infection and you can get plenty of it from your diet too. You should consult your doctor first and take the right dose.

Keep hands and face clean You may never have noticed this, but you do touch your face several times, and a 2016 study revealed that on average, a person averages 16 times per hour. During this one hour, we do many things and touch different things with our hands, allowing the virus to enter our system easily by first touching our hands and then face or mouth.

So we need to be careful not only in this but also to avoid shaking hands with people. Therefore, it is essential to wash hands thoroughly and wash hands for at least 20 seconds and if not wash hands then use the site. Protect Your Mobile from Disinfection One minute you think about where you put your mobile, not a bathroom stall, kitchen sidewalk, work table, car dashboard, restaurant table, and address. According to a study by the University of Arizona in this regard, there are 10 times more bacteria on your mobile phone than the toilet seat, so every time we move our mobile, it increases the number of germs. Zinc-rich zinc is another reason for the cold and zinc deficiency in the body, so plenty of zinc in the body reduces the growth of various viruses. So if you ever have If you have a complaint you can use zinc tablets as soon as the illness begins. , which can help reduce its duration and severity. Using probiotics You can also use this method to protect yourself from colds and to avoid illness by eating healthy foods. Good bacteria in probiotic nutrients boost your immune system and protect you from diarrhea.

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