The declining price of tomatoes started to rise again


The declining price of tomatoes started to rise again

The declining price of tomatoes started to rise again! The new crop, which started from Sindh, has shifted to the cities of Punjab instead of Karachi. To earn a profit, the traders are making a limited supply in Karachi, which has led to the retail price of tomatoes rising to Rs 240 a kg. With the arrival of large quantities of tomatoes from Iran at the beginning of the week, the limited price of tomatoes from Sindh reduced the rising prices of tomatoes and the wholesale price dropped to Rs120 to Rs.150, followed by the retail price of tomatoes. However, the situation continued for just one day and tomato prices started to rise.

According to the importers, 290 tonnes of tomatoes arrived in Karachi from Iran, but due to high prices, Punjab shipments of Sindh tomatoes have reduced the cost of tomatoes.

Sources say that tomato prices have been cut due to a wrong strategy by the farmers and the growers. Because tomatoes of Sindh are being supplied to Punjab due to high prices, the Punjabi supply of Iranian tomatoes is not possible due to the high season. Market sources added that the demand for local tomatoes in the Karachi market is high due to the reduced quantity of Iranian tomato juice, In Sindh, the arrival of tomatoes from Badin to Karachi has been stopped and tomatoes are being supplied to Punjab from Badin.

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