The benefit of Vitamin D and Fish


The benefit of Vitamin D and Fish

The benefit of Vitamin D and Fish | Daily vitamin D and fish oil capsules help reduce the risk of cancer and heart attack. This claim has emerged in a new medical study, the results of which further fuel the debate that during a study conducted on more than 25,000 people in the United States, volunteers approved vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Received. Fish oil capsules) were given. For 5 years. Some volunteers, while vitamin D was used, some were used as fish oil while most were used both and some were individuals whose results showed that vitamin D use was normal. Was associated with weight gain. Different types of cancer reduce the risk of death. In contrast, the use of fish oil reduces the risk of a heart attack. On average, people who were of the average dose were used three times a week during the study.

The results of this study were presented during the annual meeting of the North American Menopause Society but have not been published yet. John Manson of Berham & Women’s Hospital led the research team and worked on the results. That said, it’s a complex balance of benefits and risks. In recent years, the use of fish oil has brought numerous benefits, one of which has been reported in research last year that the use of fish oil is at risk of death from any individual illness including heart attack and stroke. It does not reduce omega-3. Fatty acids are essential fats that the body does not produce, and fish, walnuts, cardamom seeds, leafy vegetables to get it. And the use of vegetable oils etc.

These fatty acids reduce blood and heart edema by making certain hormones. Vitamin D helps the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, which maintains bone strength, but it is thought that one billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It can be obtained from daylight, while fish and other nutrients are also helpful.

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