Thailand withdrew the royal guard


Thailand withdrew the royal guard

Thailand’ withdrew the royal guard | The ‘King of Thailand’ withdrew the royal guard from the female guard. The 67-year-old king of Thailand, known for numerous tourist attractions around the world, withdrew the top royal position given to his beautiful female guardian servant two months ago.
King Maha Wajerong Korea was honored with the 34th year of his protector Senate Wingjuri Pakde in August this year.
Shah has also been given the title of ‘Royal Nobel Consort’ as his closest and trusted defender.

Although the king had given his female servant to Senate Wingjuri Pokhara before August, it was announced in August. In addition to the announcement of the royal palace, the biographies of Senate Wingojri Poké and rare photographs of time spent with the king were released. After graduating in 2008, Senate Wingjuri Pakada studied as a combat pilot and later joined the Royal Army as a pilot. Wanjiru Pekida gained attention for professional services and became one of King’s trusted and close guard women, and on many occasions appeared in a very cheerful mood. He was later promoted to the rank of Major General in the Imperial Army, the King’s Security Battalion, but in August this year, the King kindly made him a ‘Royal Nobel Consort’, the equivalent of a guardian. happens. Generally, this position is given to the king by his wife or family, but the king has given this special designation to his unfaithful and close female servant.
But now the king is getting all the privileges he has given him.

According to Reuters news agency, the 2-page statement issued by the royal palace states that the military officers who developed the king’s special abilities were ungrateful and made these conspiracies after taking office. Had started. The statement used words such as “unfaithful” and “hostile” to the female military guards and said they were harassed by the king’s wife.
According to a statement from the royal palace, military guards also insulted the king’s wife in the post of the queen and expressed “envy” on various occasions. However, the statement did not clarify whether she was called after the female guard took office and it was not clear whether she was punished for her behavior.
Interestingly, where the king gave his royal majesty royal status in August this year, he married another protective woman, 41-year-old Sotihida Ayodhya, in May this year. King Maha Wajerlong Kor, who had been king of Thailand since his father’s death in 2016, took the throne in May this year after three years of mourning for his father.

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