Thai judge shoots himself


Thai judge shoots himself

Thai judge shoots himself | After the verdict of the murder case, the judge shot himself. A Thai judge was taken to the hospital on time and survived. There are occasions when judges exchange after resignation or decision. The judicial system around the world has raised its fingers many times because the evidence presented in court is true or false. Although the judges’ conscience sometimes refuses to accept the evidence, they have to do what the evidence allows them to do.

After making such a decision, the judges are under the burden of conscience and take such action. A similar case happened in Thailand, where the judge shot himself after delivering a verdict. According to the agency ‘AFP’, a Thai judge shot himself in the chest after killing Facebook’s judicial system and several suspects in a bad case.

Critics say Thai courts often make decisions in favor of the rich and powerful, while the common man is punished severely and severely, despite the slightest minor offense. Nevertheless, I did not come to hear the criticism of the judicial system from the judge’s mouth. Conrad Pianochina, a judge in the city of Ala, was hearing a murder trial against five Muslim suspects.

He decided to acquit the killers and then shot himself in the chest with a pistol. Earlier, he had given remarks to the court and broadcast his words on Facebook Live. You need transparent and concrete evidence to punish someone, so no one should be punished if you are unsure.
“I’m not saying that the five accused did no crime, maybe they did, but the judicial system should be transparent and credible and punishing the innocent will make them a goat,” he said. “The Facebook Live video ended after that, but witnesses said the judge repeated the words of the constitutional oath in front of the image of the former king of Thailand and then shot himself. A spokeswoman for the judicial official said that the doctor and the situation were out of danger.

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