Tale of Wonder Woman 1854: Zack Snyder’s Unmade Sequel



Wonder Woman, an icon of strength and compassion, has captured the hearts of millions through her cinematic adventures. However, few are aware of the untold story of a sequel that never saw the light of day: Zack Snyder’s “Wonder Woman 1854.” This version promised to delve deeper into Diana’s saga, offering a contrast to Patty Jenkins’ subsequent adaptations.

The Vision of Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder, known for his visually striking and narratively rich films, had envisioned a Wonder Woman movie that would explore Diana’s journey across various epochs. The concept was to showcase her immortality through encounters that both enriched and pained her immortal existence.

Early Ideas

Snyder’s vision for “Wonder Woman 1854” was rooted in a narrative where Diana, post her departure from Themyscira, hunts the god of war, Ares, across the globe. The film was to depict her journey through conflicts, connecting with many but forever outliving them.

The Depiction of Immortality

Diana’s immortality was to be a central theme, affecting her relationships and emotional state profoundly. Each lover, a warrior she would meet on battlefields, would age and eventually die, marking a cycle of fleeting human connections that highlighted her eternal solitude.

The Plot Unveiled

The plot of “Wonder Woman 1854” diverged significantly from traditional superhero narratives by focusing on Diana’s interactions with various lovers and allies during her centuries-long quest.

Unique Elements

The proposed storyline brought a fresh take to Wonder Woman’s character, showcasing her in a more vulnerable yet powerful light. Unlike typical superhero plots focusing solely on physical battles, this narrative explored the emotional and psychological battles of an immortal being.

Character Development

In “Wonder Woman 1854,” Diana was envisioned as a figure traveling across time, gathering wisdom and strength from her diverse experiences.

New Characters and Steve Trevor

While introducing new characters, Snyder also planned to bring back Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor in a creative twist, despite the timeline conflicts with the established DCEU narrative.

Impact of Leadership Changes in DC

The DC film universe has undergone significant changes with leadership shifts influencing project directions. Snyder’s departure and the introduction of James Gunn have steered the universe towards new horizons.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Fans of Snyder’s darker, more complex storytelling were excited by the hints of “Wonder Woman 1854.” However, the project’s cancellation left many wondering what could have been a groundbreaking film.

What Could Have Been: A Deeper Dive

Exploring “Wonder Woman 1854” provides insights into a missed opportunity for expanding the DCEU in ways that could have redefined superhero cinema.


While “Wonder Woman 1854” remains an unmade dream, its ambitious concept continues to spark discussions and hopes among fans. Snyder’s vision for Diana’s journey is a reminder of the endless possibilities within the realm of superhero stories.


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