Syrian refugee sale Traditional Arabic cuisine in Pakistan


Syrian refugee sale Traditional Arabic cuisine in Pakistan

Syrian refugee sale Traditional Arabic cuisine in Pakistan | Middle East countries admire fashion and lifestyle in Pakistan, where traditional cuisine is widely liked in Pakistan. Civil war victims in the Middle East consider Syria’s food to be Pakistan’s most delicious meal.
This is the reason why the federal capital Islamabad has become popular all over the country after seeing delicious food opened by Syrian immigrant youths in the F10 area of the capital Islamabad.

Yes, the traditional Syrian cuisine was prepared by 32-year-old Abu Amir, also affectionately known as Dost Mohammad Adnan, who had migrated to Pakistan after the civil war in Syria, not only in Islamabad but also in other cities. Gone. Abu Amir, who opened a hotel in Islamabad after the initial weeks, met with the city, but suddenly the city reported to the media a few days before his house that he had relations with the local hotel owners. Targeted people. Gone.
Social media reports claim that they are seeing the popularity of living with local hotel owners in Abu Amir’s hotel. However, the news immediately. He was denied, and in a video released on social media, Abu Amir said that instead of being injured by a motorcycle, someone tortured him and he was doing good.

Many people were outraged after reports of violence by locals on Abu Amir, and a large number of people arrived at their hotel and inquired about the incident. Though news of the violence on Abu Amir bothered people, the incident gave them even more fame and people in other cities of Pakistan expressed their desire to taste delicious food. At Abu Aamir’s Hotel, a shower is sold for Rs 290 and can sell for close to 500 a day, but sometimes many people return empty-handed without having any food or other food.
Interestingly, Abu Amir has also engaged a Pakistani girl and they plan to marry soon.
According to Abu Amir, her fiancé also prepares good and traditional food and has a program that after the wedding, the couple will do business together.

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