Sudanese Hussein refuses marriage


Sudanese Hussein refuses marriage

Sudanese Hussein refuses marriage | Sudanese Hussein denies marriage for $ 25 million and Bangla as Haq Mahar. I am proud to be a Sudanese and my husband is a Sudanese, the famous Sudanese TV anchor Hasina Los.

Sudanese TV’s leading anchor Hasina rejected a $ 25 million Saudi fan and wedding offer in Riyadh as a Bangladeshi Haq Mahar, I am proud to be a Sudanese and my husband will be a Sudanese. According to foreign media, Saudi fans presented Haqqani and Riyadh a wedding gift to Soda’s famous TV anchor “Lucy” for $ 25 million.

However, “Lucy” rejected the offer to watch. According to the Arab News portal “Argyle”, Sudan’s TV anchor, known as “the corpse”, approved the news only after a tweet from a Saudi businessman. In this regard, people praised him on Twitter, while some tweeted in opposition.

One user said Lucy’s tweet confession was the obvious answer to the crime. In response to the ongoing debate on Twitter, ‘Los’ once again explained his position, saying that I am proud of my Sudanese. It is enough for me that I am an African daughter, my husband will be Sudanese. “After Loki’s explanation, Sudan’s newspaper says that a Saudi businessman named Syed Al Jassir had 25 million for a wedding in Lishai and Riyadh. Offers a bungalow.

Following Lucy’s explanation on Twitter, the Saudi businessman has announced a reward for the person who will bring him the ‘Los’ mobile number. In Saudi media, the Saudi businessman writes about himself as a billionaire. It has more than $ 150 million in the capital and numerous vehicles and numerous buildings in Central Riyadh.

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