Storms Are Threatening To Hit Britain Today With 12 Hours Of Downpours


The summer is officially over! Storms are threatening to hit Britain today with 12 hours of downpours and two inches of rain. Met Office warns of floods and chaos on the roads.


A yellow weather alert is in effect for Sunday, with Britons in the eastern part of England likely to be swarmed by torrential rain and thunderous showers over a relatively short duration’, which could cause flooding in some areas.

Storms Are Threatening

The Met Office has also warned that there is a slim possibility that those living in affected areas might be affected by power outages and interruptions to other services.

Met Office forecasters said: A band of rain and massive thundery showers are expected to slowly move eastward through Sunday before slowing down across the highlighted region later in the day.

However, grey skies and temperatures that reached the mid-teens signaled the end of summer toward mid-August. Cars were spotted plowing through floodwaters in central London under a blanket of fog on Tuesday’s early morning.

Just yesterday, a cute swimmer took to the water in a birthday dress at Bournemouth as Britons took advantage of the final blast of summer.

At the Isle of Wight Festival, crowds of revelers wore their comfortable attire, sporting vibrant flares and dazzling shirts as they walked to the third day of the Isle of Wight Festival at Seaclose Park in Newport.

They celebrated this year’s theme Peace, Love & Understanding with bright colors and 70s-inspired hippy clothes following the last year’s festival being put on hold because of Covid.

Thunderstorms are expected to hit Britain today, for 12 hours of heavy rain in the eastern regions across the country from Newcastle all the way to Brighton with up to two inches of rain as well as Met Office warnings of floodings and travel disruptions – as summer comes to a close.

Eastern parts of England are likely to be hardest hit by torrential rains from midday to midnight before cooling off early on Monday. Meanwhile, other areas of the country will experience drier weather in the course of Indian summer that we’ve had is beginning to fade.

The coming week won’t be any better than the previous one, and the conditions are expected to be more uncertain over the next few days. This is quite a contrast from Saturday when we saw chilly and sunny weather across much of Britain, with sun-lovers enjoying temperatures of 73F.

The Met Office spokesman said: “There’s a good amount of rain in the forecast for. It’s a bright start to Sunday’s day, significantly further to the east you go. However, it’s unlikely to last forever as rain moves eastwards over the morning and into the afternoon.

The rain is expected to become very intense in the afternoon across many areas of the eastern.

The temperature is usually a bit down on Saturdays, which means it’s a colder day for many, with highs of 64 or perhaps even a 68 for those in the far south. The rain that fell on Sunday evening will continue to affect many people in the east but will brighten out from the west as the drier conditions come towards.

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Office forecaster Alex Deakin stated, “The three main weather elements are foggy weather in early morning hours, a few intense showers around. In fact, some significant downpours are possible, but not for everyone. There are some sunny days all around.

We’re anticipating some clouds on Sunday and a more significant likelihood of experiencing some massive rains. A few big downpours are likely. The rain may occur in a reasonably brief amount duration.’