Sony has developed a new masterpiece


Sony has developed a new masterpiece|A new masterpiece by technology company Sony has developed a robotic dog to assist smart devices when needed. Sony’s robotic dog name is Ibu, it can communicate with smart devices through artificial intelligence, and has the ability to open or close smart appliances such as a home vacuum cleaner, microwave and washing machine. ‘iBook’ can be connected to smart devices with Wi-Fi, costing $ 2,900 to Sony’s robotic iBook puppy. Sony introduced ‘Robotic Dog iBook’ in the past and now the company is innovating its features and recently they added features to this robotic dog to help consumers do homework. I will be helpful. According to a report by Gizmodo, the new features of ‘Kibo’ will be showcased at Japan’s largest IT and electronics trade show ‘CEATEC’, to be held in Tokyo. Igbo Smart will understand the signals coming from the washing machine and inform the owner in case of laundry.