Smartphone battery weakens Problems


Smartphone battery weakens Problems

Smartphone battery weakens Problems | Why does a smartphone battery weaken in a few months?

Have you ever noticed that your smartphone battery drains within a year or, somewhere, it needs to be changed soon?

But why does this happen?

And is it possible to avoid this? Well, needless to say, the use of smartphones is becoming a part of every day and the problem of charging them is increasing day by day. But the reason for this is quite simple and the life of these lithium wool batteries used in smartphones is usually about 500 cycles if charged once a day for about a year and a half.

A one-time battery cycle means charging from zero to 100 char, so the longer your phone goes through the cycle, the faster it needs to be replaced. According to Liz Hamilton, director of mobile blueprints, a company associated with the mobile phone repair business, the smartphone’s battery is made of lithium wool and the chemical reaction inside it weakens it.

For example, if you look inside the battery, you will see different layers of the sandwich together. All of these materials have three parts: Negative, Graphite and Copper. The downside of the battery is the place where electricity is stored, while the positive section uses the accumulating power and there is an electric polymer that works to keep the supply between them smooth. The chemical reaction drives the phone between the two parts, but in the process, electrons remain behind lithium atoms that can recharge the battery. In simple terms, this is called a full charge circle, but whenever this happens, the battery will start to run out and, as before, it will lose its ability to control the charge.

Lease Hamilton said it is best to try to extend the phone’s battery life so that after charging 25 to 85 percent of the phone, it will not be fully charged and will not be removed from the charger. Simply put, try to avoid draining the phone battery and removing the charger when charging, if not, when it reaches 85, and not charging the battery when the battery is fully charged. Leave. Doing so reduces the lifespan of electronic devices and this is why charging phones overnight on a long-term basis is considered harmful to this device.

If you want to maintain a long battery life, do a few things. Turn off Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth when not needed. Keep your phone at room temperature. Don’t add 100% to the brightness of the phone. Battery affecting features like Facebook Auto.

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