Shortages of food commodities due to climate change


Shortages of food commodities due to climate change

Shortages of food commodities due to climate change | What is usually depicted in science fiction is far from the truth, but thanks to the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence over the past few decades, hundreds of experiments in science fiction films and novels are now available to us. Similarly, some films have fulfilled many of the prophecies regarding the human future on earth. Cristo fur Nolan’s international film ‘Interstellar’ also begins with a future era when severe drought and a certain disease in the air cause severe food shortages on the ground. Something similar has been done by modern scientific research that if global warming rates continue to rise due to climate change, by the end of this century, the world will be facing severe food shortages, especially wheat. Experts say that although drought is not a new problem in the world and that various civilizations have been consumed by it for centuries, the problem is due to widespread environmental changes and global warming over the last 4-5 decades. Every region of the world is getting serious. Due to the effects of El Nino, the rainfall and weather in each area have changed, with which the local crops grown there are in serious danger.

During the growing season, water was also available at the appropriate temperature, which greatly improved the flow of the crop from harvest to harvest. But now, in the fertile land areas due to unseasonal rains, snow or ice or no rain at all, farmers and agriculture professionals are facing severe crisis and distress. At one time certain areas of Africa and Asia were prone to drought and famine, but now the situation has changed completely and about 81% of the US is in severe drought due to climate change and high temperature. However, in many Asian and African countries, the situation has become extremely tense.

About 150 million people suffer from famine due to severe drought and inclement weather conditions in South Africa since 1502, and the situation has worsened to the extent that one million 37,000 children have to leave school simply because of food. Due to scarcity, it was not possible for them to go to school. This situation has not only gotten worse in the last 4 years but now after Africa and Asia, every region of the world is facing similar problems.

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