Shamoon Abbasi’s favorite movie to promote the movie Durj


Shamoon Abbasi’s favorite movie to promote the movie Durj


Shamoon Abbasi’s favorite movie to promote the movie Durj|Actress Shamoon Abbasi’s film “Durj” is set to become a home decoration in Pakistan on December 25, with permission from the Film Censor Board. Shamoon Abbasi’s film has been gaining popularity since the trailer was released on the subject, and fans eager to make such films in Pakistan were looking forward to the film’s release, but the Federal Censor Board approved the film’s credentials. Was not released.

Shamoon Abbasi is in an advertising campaign after the film received a green signal from Pakistan. In this latest Instagram post, he created some unique ideas for movie stars. In his interview on Instagram, Simon wrote, “Are you daring to watch the first film made on Adam Khori’s events in Pakistan in 2013? According to Shamoon Abbasi, this is the first film to be made on the subject in the subcontinent, which also includes a new turning point in Lakhori. The director challenged the film person to watch this unique film, and also made it clear in his Instagram post that the censor board had cleared the film and directed that the film be made across Pakistan for 14 years. See more fans. Can do The movie “Drag” is based on a true story. It tells the story of 2 elder brothers of Bhakkar who dug graves and extracted bodies. The story of the film is by Shamoon Abbasi. The main characters of the film include Shamoon Abbasi and the film’s producer Sherry Shah’s wife Myra Khan, Noman Javed and Hafiz Ali. The film was set to release on October 18 across Pakistan. Remember that actor Shamoon Abbasi also participated in the 72nd Cannes Film Festival with his film Durg.

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