Sensational revelations in Pakistan Super League, over 13 billion rupees in ‘Bahati Ganga’, franchises and journalists are wasting hands


Irregularities of more than 1.5 billion rupees have been revealed in the Pakistan Super League PSL, after which the Auditor General has recommended the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to investigate the matter. According to a private TV report, the Auditor General has completed the audit of the first two auditions of the Pakistan Super League. The PSL audit report has also come out. Nonetheless, the franchisees paid more than they already had.

On the other hand, the franchisees did not receive full receipts. The Auditor General has also announced that the money paid to journalists who serve in the PSL is illegal. According to the audit report, PSL One reported 97 crore 42 lakh revenue and 90 crore 80 million rupees. What was the cost of Rs 6 crore? Yesterday, the first two PSL auditions made $ 47 million. The report revealed that more than 24 million 86 million shares were paid to the franchisees. To the franchise. Thousands of rupees were paid. According to the audit report, final PSL estimates will be played in Lahore. The final reportedly cost more than 110 million. The report states that hundreds of millions of rupees were illegally paid to journalists who served in the PSL. Similarly more than 100 million in broadcast rights. The principles have come to the fore. The Auditor General has recommended inquiry into these matters to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)…