Selection of Pakistani Red ‘Pigeon’ as Oscar Award


This year’s release, ‘Red Pigeon’, has been nominated by unknown people in the selection of Pakistani films about the world-famous and top film award. It is believed that Oscar is lacking in the list of all countries in the world of Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan, any film has to be selected in the foreign ‘language category’.

In the rainy season, Pakistani films chose film cakes, which led to 93 other films from around the world.

This time, Sherman has chosen a red film ‘Red Pigeon’ working in the situation of Obaid Chennai, which is soon named 92 and has been sent to the Academy (Oscar) Awards Foreign Film category.
The Cadmie Awards Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will select the final nominations for all categories of Academy Awards in December 2019, while a list of finalists will be released on January 13, while the awards ceremony will take place on February 9, 2020. General Chat Chat LoungeThe Pakistani committee includes Sherman Obaid Chennai, Ziba Bakhtiar, Zar Khodro, Zeb Al Nansa Hamid, Sarmad Khost, Asim Abbasi, Rizwan Baig, Jamil Beg, Sanam Saeed and Hamna Zubair.

Lal Pigeon is the story of a taxi driver from Karachi who wants to go to Dubai to rectify his situation and therefore needs Rs 3 lakh, which he has to go with his criminals to take a taxi. He plays and during the game, he accidentally meets a girl whose journalist husband has been killed by an unknown target killer by a local builder. Ahmed Ali Akbar plays the role of a taxi driver while Mansha Pasha is seen as the widow of a famous journalist.

The film is directed by Kamal Khan while Hania Cheema and Perfect Cheema are executive producers. On the Oscar nomination, Kamal Khan said, “It is a matter of pride for the entire team, we are all excited and want to thank the visitors who have seen the Pakistani Selection Committee and Red Pigeon.”

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