Security Council call on Turkey


Security Council call on Turkey

Security Council called on Turkey | 5 Members of the European Security Council calls on Turkey to cease operations in Syria. These attacks are giving ISIS a chance to re-emerge. Declaration of European Countries.

Five members of the European Union’s Security Council provide Turkey with an opportunity to stop the war against the solar militia. France, Germany, Britain, Belgium, and Poland said in a joint statement after the emergency meeting that Turkish soldiers’ statements in the northeast of Syria included an estimate of the incident. Due to unilateral military action, we do not understand why Turkey’s security concerns are being interpreted.

Turkey, while expressing reservations over the European Union’s joint declaration, provides an opportunity for those affected by the attacks. The destination of the Ankara incident was the formation of a “safe cell” in which one million Syrian refugees had to travel to Turkey, just like Turkey was born in the northeast of Syria. The so-called Safe Settlement Assessment for Refugees Returns by UN Resident Agencies. Completed default demand fulfillment.

He added that no attempt could be made to alter population disputes, before two days before an article in the UN Security Charter on Article 51 of the UN Charter about Ankara. The council was cited. The posts will be talked about in Ankara. Were related to events. These are terrorist circles, which counter-terrorism concerns, thereby making Turkey’s borders neutral.

In the letter, this means that even in the case of terrorism in the past, Turkey’s reactions are proportional and contradictory. A letter from it states that Turkish civil laws and UN agencies have rescued displaced persons from Syria and voluntarily repatriated targets. A UN region that talks about militant attacks in northeastern Syria cannot be protected, resulting in the US delegation to Kelly Craft. The UN Security Council meeting on Syria explained what the outcome could be as a result.

US Ambassador to the United States Kelly Craft did not provide security to people in northeast Syria or was present in a Turkish incident after a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council. will be done. However, for further information, he did not specify whether the threat posed by US President Donald Trust Cook was proved wrong by the US president. No worries and we’re on the list.

It is believed that Turkey is a 12-year-old Syrian militant organization involved in extremist operations in the country and there is no threat.

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